Former Group Members

Ying Pei (Graduate Student)

Bei Zhang (Graduate Student)

Nguyen Tran OD (Graduated St Louis School of Optometry 2003)

Ling Huang OD (Graduated UHCO 2006 currently PhD program)

Shilpa Patel OD (Graduated UHCO 2004)

Cassandra Knight OD (Graduated UHCO 2004)

Jennifer Manning OD (Graduated UHCO 2004)

Rachel Redfern OD (Graduated UHCO 2005 currently PhD program)

Daniele Jean (Graduated Inter American University School of Optometry, Puerto Rico 2006)

Matthew Rhodes (Currently 3rd year UHCO)

Tia Petkova (Currently 3rd Year UHCO OD/1st year graduate Student)

Jessica Baxter (Currently 2nd Year UHCO OD student)